Happy new year!

January 3, 2023

No new episode this week because the holidays borked our recording timing.

But! We don’t want to leave you totally hanging, so here are our top 5 most downloaded episodes of 2022. If you haven’t listened to any of them yet, you should check them out!

  1. Mistaking Access for Permission: in this regular episode, we have a segment with sapphic romance superstar author Jae and Sarah Wendell, Smart Bitches Trashy Books co-founder, talking about the all-too prevalent problem of readers sexually harassing authors
  2. Milena McKay (and Tara) loves Truth and Measure: what happens when an author and a critic get together to talk about one of their most beloved fanfics turned published novels? SO MUCH SQUEEING.
  3. It’s Radclyffe!: this year, we celebrated Pride by talking to lesfic powerhouse Radclyffe about writing and publishing lesbian fiction, why lesbian fiction has always been political, and more
  4. Melissa Brayden Has Not Been Frugal With Her Jewels: we rang in Valentine’s Day with one of the queens of sapphic romance, comparing our fave fictional couples, kisses, and romances that we love to reread
  5. Remember Who the Fuck You Are, with Catie Randazzo & J Chong: we fell in love with the reality cooking competition show The Big Brunch and were delighted to catch up with two of our favourite chefs from the show. Catie and J talk about what it’s like representing their communities and answer the all-important question of what kind of bread they think the show’s judges are

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