Making Queer Hearts Happy (QR008)

You’ve met Thirsty Kris, but could we interest you in meeting…Baby Tara? This week, our fearless hosts reach that point in every podcaster’s life where you Google and read things up on sites while you’re…Read more

The Morning After (QR 007)

This week Kris exchanges calling from a phone booth to staggering in with a hangover. From praising the qualities of Jif peanut butter to cursing the six peanut-butter-flavoured whiskeys she had on her Patreon exclusive…Read more

Fight Me! (QR006)

This week, Kris calls in all the way from a 1980s phone booth, otherwise known as the polar vortex. It’s been a wild one, but Tara and Kris get right down to what matters. Peeps…Read more

It’s Not/We’re Not Ok (QR005)

This week marks The Cancellation of Wynonna Earp by the Coward Capitalism. During her grief, Kris notices the correlation between her liking things and them immediately getting cancelled. Can she use this power for good?…Read more

Meet Kris & Tara

Get to know critic (fancy for book reviewer) Tara Scott and award-winning author (just fancy), Kris Bryant

Kris Bryant

    Kris Bryant

    Award-winning author Kris Bryant writes contemporary lesbian romance for Bold Strokes Books. Kris lives in Kansas City, Missouri where she binge watches TV shows and movies, and vows to survive any zombie apocalypse that may or may not happen.
    Tara Scott

    Tara Scott

    Tara Scott is a regular contributor at Smart Bitches Trashy Books, Lambda Literary, and The Lesbian Review, and a former book reviewer at Curve Magazine. She also talked about lesbian fiction with authors and other reviewers for four years on her podcast Les Do Books. Tara lives in Calgary, Canada with her family, and is always ready with a book recommendation for anyone.

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