Is This What I Want to Wear For The Apocalypse? (QR 037)

June 7, 2022

Welcome, welcome, one and all to your Queerly Recommended meal of the week!

As a little aperitif, we begin with a discussion of the corporatization of Pride. Following this is a starter of listener questions…as well as other questions! Is Kris a people pleaser? Who was the first lesfic author Tara and Kris met? We have a relaxing deconstruction of 80s fashion trends, an out-of-left-field callout on megahit and media darling, This Is Us, and Kris processes her toxic relationship with Survivor.

Finally, it’s main course time, and we have our official recommendations!

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Official Recommendations

This week, Kris brings us the comedic drama 4th Man Out, where a working-class car mechanic makes the jump to come out to his best friends and live the life he’s always wanted.

Tara’s pick this week is the 1968 documentary, The Queen. If you care about the history of  drag and queer culture, you’ll want to watch, as it covers the 1967 Miss All-America Camp Beauty Contest and the contestants involved. It even includes one of the most iconic reads of all time.

Works/People Discussed

  • Stranger Things Season Four (Netflix)
  • The Lincoln Lawyer (Netflix)
  • The Staircase (HBO Max)
  • Survivor (CBS)
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars Season 7
  • Heartstopper (Netflix)
  • Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022)
  • Grey Gardens (1975)
  • Derry Girls (Channel 4)
  • Paris is Burning (1990)

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