Cannabis For Everyone! (QR 036)

May 24, 2022

Kris and Tara are talking about drugs this episode — specifically, cannabis. They wonder about their parents’ experience with Mary Jane and modern technology, before getting into their recs.

And the recs? They cover a wide variety (although very few books this time). Lots of good TV and movies out there, especially documentaries. We’re living in a golden age!

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Official Recommendations

This week, Kris decided to balance all the fluff that she’s been bringing with the Patty Jenkins’ 2003 directorial debut, Monster. A biographical crime drama, Monster tells the story of Aileen Wuornos, a sex worker who murdered seven of her male clients over the space of two years, and her relationship with the semi-fictionalized lover, Selby Wall.

And, it’s been a while since Tara’s recommended a game, but this is a good one. Half-visual novel, half tabletop roleplaying game, Citizen Sleeper puts you in the role of an android with the memories of the human who sold a copy of themselves into corporate slavery. You wake up on an ancient space station, after escaping the company. Each day you manage your precarity by taking jobs, meeting people and making choices. Will you use your energy to help a friend or do something so you can get more food? Only you can decide.

Works/People Discussed

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