Chunky Blasphemy (QR 034)

April 26, 2022

This week opens on one of those eternal questions. No, it’s not “Cake or Death?” It’s something a lot more…I dunno, you’re going to have to listen.

Kris and Tara go all over the map in this one. They discuss THAT ENDING of Killing Eve. They pass judgement on store names in Hallmark movies. And, speaking of Hallmark movies, Kris might have to rescind her “No Hallmark” bumper sticker. Also, if you haven’t been listening beyond the outro in previous episodes, maybe now’s a good time to start. 🙂

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Official Recommendations

This week, Kris looks into the abyss of Hallmark and likes what she sees! It’s the movie Love, Classified. Romance novelist Emilia returns to her tiny hometown and into the lives of her adult children, Taylor and Zach. Sure, she says she’s there for a book signing arranged at the local book shop, but really, Emilia wants to reconnect with them. Taylor and Zach each explore the possibility of love using a classified app, and Taylor’s match with a woman is a pleasant surprise within an overall delightful movie. Go Hallmark!

Tara’s recommendation is actually a Kris recommendation, making it a twofer — one that comes with the Queerly Recommended Seal of Approval. Queercore is a documentary that follows the cultural and social movement that began as an offshoot of punk and was distinguished by its discontent with society’s disapproval of the gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender communities. It includes appearances from Bruce LaBruce, GB Benson, John Waters, Kathleen Hanna, and Peaches.

Works/People Discussed

  • Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter
  • Killing Eve (BBC)
  • Walking Dead (AMC)
  • HALO (Paramount Plus)
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race
  • Queer Eye
  • Over the Top: A Raw Journey to Self-Love by Jonathan Van Ness
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