We Watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show! (QR Bonus 003)

October 26, 2021

It’s a spooky month, so Tara and Kris are celebrating with a new film commentary! What to do when your hosts don’t like horror movies? Snark about The Rocky Horror Picture Show, of course. (Also, Kris was in P-Town when they needed to record the next episode, so it worked out.)

Kris and Tara dive into this important, unabashedly queer, classic that might… not be good? Kris discusses losing her Rocky Horror virginity at whatever age she says she is. Tara talks about the patriarchy and her father’s favourite song at weddings.

Sit back, fire up The Rocky Horror Picture Show on the device of your choice, and hit play on this commentary track. Let’s do the time warp AGAAAAAAAIN!

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