I Can Love You From a Distance (QR 082)

May 7, 2024

Grab your popcorn, chocolate, or other favourite movie snack, and sit down with Kris for her recommended double feature. Don’t worry! You still have time before the first movie starts.

Kris and Tara discuss two constants in life, Covid and the NFL, before getting into what they’ve been reading and watching lately. Then it’s lights out and no cellphones. We have a strict policy.

Official Recommendations

From Kris: Blue Jean (2022) & Love Lies Bleeding (2024)

This week, Kris recommends two films set in the late 1980s. The first is Blue Jean (2022), a drama about a closeted gym teacher in Britain who has to handle a student threatening to expose her sexuality to the community. The second is the thriller Love Lies Bleeding (2024), about a gym manager who falls in love with a bodybuilder and gets mixed up with her mob father.

From Tara: The Summer Love Strategy by Ray Stoeve

This week, Tara dips her toe into the YA romance pool to recommend the lovely and warm The Summer Love Strategy by Ray Stoeve. Two best friends are ready to start dating, so they plan a summer’s worth of activities to find their first loves. Of course, no one is more surprised than them when it turns out love might be closer than they originally thought. Tara recommends this book to anyone, especially the tweens and teens in your life, because it has no sex, some kissing, and all good vibes.

Works/People Discussed

  • Crashing (Channel 4)
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race, season 16 (MTV)
  • Physical 100 Season Two: Underground (Netflix)
  • About that Kiss by Harper Bliss (check out the episode where Tara recommended it)
  • Cabin Fever by Tagan Shepard

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