I’m Greedy (QR 070)

November 7, 2023

This week, Tara and Kris are back! They’re also sleepy, busy, and full of recommendations.

Kris is our official correspondent from this year’s Women’s Week in Provincetown. Then, Kris accuses Tara of lying about her height and Tara insists she’s not because that inch is REAL.

Kris explores the sweeter side of David Beckham. Tara talks about a comedian’s dreams of ice skating and Whitney Houston. Both discuss how watching so many documentaries has changed them (for the better!). And then, as always… the recommendations.

Official Recommendations

From Kris: Back to Black (2020) and Reclaiming Amy (2021) 

This week, Kris recommends two documentaries about Amy Winehouse, Back to Black (2020) and Reclaiming Amy (2021). Taken separately, they tell conflicting stories that silo Winehouse into images that those creating the documentaries most want to portray. But, the truth is in the cracks, in the similarities and differences between accounts.

From Tara: An Acquired Taste by Cheri Ritz (Bella Books)

This week, Tara recommends An Acquired Taste by Cheri Ritz, which she describes as the ultimate gentle, cozy, lovely, sapphic romance. Set in a reality competition cooking show, it follows two former acting rivals who are both competing for something different: bragging rights as Celebrity Cook Off Champion. Maybe they’ll cook up some love too? (We’ll see ourselves out…)

Works/People Discussed

  • The Great British Baking Show (BBC One, BBC Two, Channel 4)
  • The Great Canadian Baking Show (CBC Television)
  • Beckham (2023) (Netflix)
  • Survivor (CBS)
  • Alone (History)
  • Alone Australia (SBS)
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race UK (BBC Three)
  • I Have Nothing (Crave Original)
  • Baroness von Sketch Show (CBC Television)
  • Handsome podcast

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