Transcript: Romance Womance (QR021)

October 11, 2021

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Kris 0:19
Hello, and welcome to Queerly Recommended. I’m Kris Bryant and I’m here with my co-host, Tara.

Tara 0:24
Hey, everyone, welcome to Episode 21. That is right, we are 21, which means we can do anything now except run for president. Here’s the thing I didn’t know, until we were running through this earlier. Did you know everybody now that you can rent a car in the United States, and you don’t have to be 25 anymore? I didn’t know that.

Kris 0:46
Right you can be 21. Yes. Yes. Isn’t that crazy?

Tara 0:50

Kris 0:50
I mean, the world went to shit. So rather than, like, have the car companies, the car rental companies go under, they just said, “Hey, let’s open it up. We’re gonna open it up to 21 year olds, we can rent,we’ll rent to you.”

Tara 1:02
I wonder how that went for them.

Kris 1:03
Uh, I dunno.

Tara 1:04

Kris 1:06
Okay, so tell me, Tara, what the fuck is going on in Canada? You have news for us.

Tara 1:11
There’s a lot of things happening in Canada right now. So we are actually recording this the day before a federal election. So Justin Trudeau decided, “Hey, why not have an election two years earlier than we need to?” I suspect it’s because he has a minority government instead of a majority basically, which means he has to work with other parties to get shit done. And I think got greedy and wanted to go from majority. And why this especially burns my ass at the moment also is that Neil and I are not able to vote because our whole family got COVID.

Kris 1:54
Unbelievable. You have been sequestered for like, I feel like eight years. Trying to avoid getting COVID. And you’ve kept your family, everybody in the bubble that is your house? And like, boom.

Tara 2:08
Yeah we last year, we had our kids doing what was called online hub learning here in our province in Alberta. And I don’t- Oh, yeah, we did talk. We talked. So we talked about the Calgary Stampede. I think a couple of-

Kris 2:25
Yes we did.

Tara 2:29
Yeah, yeah, we talked about the seedy side of the Calgary Stampede. And so here’s the thing. And I think at the time, and you can tell me if I’m wrong, because I would have to actually go back and listen to the episode. My memory is so crap lately. But I think I also talked about how I thought it was really stupid that we were having it because like, sure, COVID cases are low. But like, why would we create a gigantic super spreader event. And so we went from COVID positivity rate, which is just like when they’re doing the testing, how many of the tests come up positive. And so we went from a rate of around or below 1%, which was incredible, right? It was so good. We’re back up to that, like 11 or 12% range now. And it’s gotten so bad that our health care system is collapsing, like we’re having to ask other provinces to take ICU patients and all of that. And our premier was basically absent for most of the summer. And some of it we believe is actually the guy that’s running for conservative who hopefully by the time everybody’s listening to this podcast is not our Prime Minister.

Oh we’ll know, I don’t I don’t know. I guess we’ll see in a couple days when I wake up what it’s like. But they didn’t really do anything for COVID. And they did nothing for the schools. In fact, they said they stripped back some of the guidance from what was done in the schools. And so our kids were in school for seven days, before one of them brought home COVID. Here’s the other part that to me, is fuckin wild. We were supposed to send our other kid to school. Like even though one of them had COVID according to the current rules, the other one was still supposed to go back in and so we talked to her- We talked to the school and we said, “What do you want us to do?” And they were like, “We can’t tell you to keep her home.” But we decided to keep her home anyway. And I’m glad we did. Because two days later- so our one daughter tested positive and this daughter tested negative which is why I say she was supposed to go to school. But like we felt gross about that. And yeah, we’re so lucky Neil’s a stay at home dad and so it’s not- like it’s definitely work to keep you know, kids at home. It’s work for him. But like it doesn’t mean that I have to take days off of work. It doesn’t you know, it’s not a massive disruption to, to kind of everything happening in our family. So we said let’s just keep her home for the week and see what happens, and two days later she woke up with a fever.

Kris 5:04
Good lord.

Tara 5:05

Kris 5:05
Yeah, every day I wake up and I’m like, I swallow immediately. I wake up and I swallow. Is my throat sore? Because we’re having the same shit down here where people have just thrown in the towels, thrown in the mask so to speak. And they just don’t care they’re done, they’re absolutely done. And I read an article last night where there are five countries that have just basically said fuck it.

Tara 5:16
Where are they? Like are these countries with any kind of amount of wealth and buying power for vaccines? Or are they the kind are they the countries where they’re not able to get vaccines anyway?

Kris 5:38
You know, I wish I could answer that because like last night you know it was one of those where it’s like “Wow, what dumb ass countries are opening it up and they don’t care”. And it was, I think Argentina was one, Thailand. I wish I could remember all five but it was just like I don’t want to go there. No interest in going there. You know that the shit thing is is like my sister right now she is on a sabbatical over in Europe. She actually, she hit Greece last night, so she’ll be in Greece for a little bit but you know, at least you know she’s able to do this and my sister is very- she loves to travel. She’s always traveled her entire life and she doesn’t fight the vaccines. Especially when you go travel to different countries. Some of them require different vaccines and people have to get them in order to travel. So these people who are fighting the vaccine including what what 2, 3, 4 people in my office- I’m just like “You guys are idiots. You’re the reason why like this is going to be the wipe out, you know, event of our lifetime.”

Tara 6:49
Well yesterday I was scrolling through some friends stories on Instagram and both of them posted- sorry there were two that posted videos of- there were actually like people marching- and I was reading about it today, there ended up being 1000 people that like marched through part of Calgary and then had this big ass rally outside of a hospital downtown and it was because one of the- so we have this political party here in Canada that’s basically like the “Hello we’re the white supremacist, transphobic fuckhead party!” I’m not even going to name them. And their party leader was here in town and I was like, “Thanks for the fucking super spreader event asshole.” In like again in a place where we don’t have like, doctors are telling people to chew their food carefully and to drive the speed limit because nobody can go to the hospital right now.

Kris 7:48

Tara 7:50
It’s wild. The thing that’s kind of surprised me- oh I so I feel like we’ve probably waited too long and there are probably some listeners who are like, “Oh my god but your family.” So also my my family is okay. We have mild cases, all of us. The kids are well well well on the mend, Neil is I mean by the time this episode goes out everybody should be in the clear and totally fine. The thing that surprised me is that now that I can’t do it, I all I all I want to do is just go for a walk. I don’t even think I can walk free far right now. Like I don’t want to go on a far walk. I just want to walk like a couple blocks. Just be outside let the sun touch my face as I walk down the street. And I can’t do it. So yeah, I want to do that. And I want to vote tomorrow but-

Kris 8:42
Right, that sucks.

Tara 8:43
Yeah, that’s my I, I tell myself that at least I live in a riding where my vote doesn’t matter. Because I know, the candidate-

Kris 8:53
All votes matter.

Tara 8:54
All votes matter. But at least I know my vote will not tip anything either way, because and I guess the other upside is that, you know, we have an election for our mayor in a few weeks and so we’ll be able to go do that.

Kris 9:08
Okay, good.

Tara 9:09
Yeah. Anyway, now, you know, all about Canadian politics,

Kris 9:12
Right, geez.

Tara 9:13
The state of illness in my house.

Kris 9:16
Yeah, it’s, uh, well, I’m glad that everybody’s on the mend.

Tara 9:20
Me too.

Kris 9:21
I was afraid of that. A lot of- you know, we opened up the schools here too and sure enough, you know, like everybody’s catching it, giving it to, you know, their parents and you know, it’s hard. We’re, I think our rate is like 14% now. We were down there we got down to like, maybe below four or something. And then boom, everybody’s like, “Fuck it. Let’s do everything. Let’s go and have a great summer and go to all these amusement parks and super spreader events. Hey, let’s go to the Garth Brook concert that has like 80,000 people at Arrowhead.” And I’m sure several cases came out of that one because like two people wearing their masks.

Tara 10:00
Oh my god, I sometimes even just have a problem now watching videos of concerts.

Kris 10:09
I know. I do too!

Tara 10:10
Because a couple of nights ago, I was, I don’t even know how I- Oh, I know what happened. So I ended up in a YouTube rabbit hole, as one does.

Kris 10:24

Tara 10:24
And I don’t even know how it got suggested to me but there was a video- there’s a there’s a clip on on YouTube, and it’s Annie Lennox and David Bowie. And they’re rehearsing their performance for Freddie Mercury’s tribute concert after he died. So I think this concert happened in 1992. And I was like, “Oh, that’s pretty good”. Because they were doing Under Pressure together. Annie Lennox was singing, she was singing Freddie Mercury’s part and like, incredible. And then I thought, “Well, I wonder if I can find the rest of this concert?” And then I found the concert.

Kris 10:58
And then you watch Live Aid. And then-

Tara 11:00
I perhaps may have done that. But I learned two things watching this concert. The first was that I was just so freaked out seeing that many people in one place. I’m like, “You’re all gonna get sick. Don’t do it”. The other and this is on the topic of the musicians. I did not expect that for me the performance of the night would be Liza Minelli singing, We Are the Champions.

Kris 11:27

Tara 11:27
She’s so good. Like, honestly, incredible performance. And then I was like, “Why are these people so excited?” Then I remembered “Oh, yeah. The gays loved Liza Minelli”.

Kris 11:40
Right. For sure. So here’s something so like, I have a list of like five artists that have pure voices, like their voices to me when they sing are so pure and beautiful. And I might not dig their music. But their voices are just so beautiful.

Tara 11:59

Kris 11:59
And Judy Garland?

Tara 12:02
Oh, yeah.

Kris 12:03
Yeah, she’s one for me. But Annie Lennox is another one.

Tara 12:07
Who else is on your list?

Kris 12:09
My list also includes Karen Carpenter.

Tara 12:12
Oh yeah.

Kris 12:13
I meancome on her life was- her voice was beautiful. What a sad story that was. And those are the three that pop up like immediately. But you mentioned Liza Minelli and of course, I had to go to Judy Garland I had-

Tara 12:25
Oh, yeah.

Kris 12:26
So um, but yes, anyway, totally off topic.

Tara 12:29
For the babies that are listening. Judy Garland was Liza Minelli’s mom.

Kris 12:33
Right. And had a beautiful voice saying- Probably the song that everybody knows is Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Yeah, probably is the one that everybody knows that. Oh my gosh. Beautiful voice.

Tara 12:46
Oh, absolutely.

Kris 12:47
Okay, so let’s get back on track. Because I could go on about the COVID masks, things that are happening just outside my door. I could go on, but nobody wants to hear that because we deal with it every day. So let’s switch and we want to give a quick thank you to someone called quote unquote, “Not THAT Kind of Karen”, who supported us on Kofi with this note. “I look forward to your podcast every time”. It was very sweet. Thank you, Karen. Not that kind of Karen. And for anybody who is not familiar, it’s a site, Kofi is a site that you can financially support your favorite content creators and it helps maintain the site and everything we need to spend money on to keep this podcast rolling.

Tara 13:35
Yes thank you so so much Karen. So it’s listener question time.

Kris 13:42
Yay. Another yay.

Tara 13:44
Sofi G asked. “Loved One Last Stop with a passion. Any similar books or good follow ups?” Now Kris, you haven’t read this yet have you?

No, I have not.

Okay, so this question is for me. So I’m going to say first of all, there is no book that’s quite like One Last Stop and I think that’s part of why I loved it so much like it really just feels so unique out of everything that I’ve read before. But I do have a couple of recommendations for you Sofi and what I’ve done is kind of split them by element that was in One Last Stop because it has- you know that has a lot going in it.

So I thought if you want something with a time travel element Timeless by Rachel Spangler is wonderful. Just a really really fantastic romance and all I’m gonna say with that one is just read it. I’m not even going to tell you about it. This is going to be one of the few times that I am not- I’m just going to say go read something, just trust me on this one. And I’ve heard that the audio book is incredible.

And then if you like books that have strong found family, Off Limits by Vanessa North is a really great one because it has a character who by day works at a social club and by night is in a band and when she is with her band, like that’s where that found family comes out, and is very, very good. So I definitely recommend those two books. But please don’t be surprised that they’re nothing like One Last Stop, because One Last Stop is like nothing else that’s out there.

Kris 15:22
I was gonna say that did sound- when you were talking about it, whatever episode it was, it sounded really, really good. very entertaining. And I did- and I do want to read it.

Tara 15:31
Oh, good.

Kris 15:31
I do you want to read it. I will read it. I will. I will.

Tara 15:34
That is the only FF book I’ve recommended that Neil has read. And he really liked it, too. Yeah, apparently I talked about it with such passion. That he was like, “Alright, I got to get this one”. And then he said he really enjoyed it. So there you go. That’s it. I mean, I don’t know. I feel like I have half a sentence missing and I don’t know. Yeah, let’s move on.

Okay. All right. Our pal, Queer Weirdo Human Being. First of all, thank you for regularly giving us questions.

Kris 16:16
Right. We love it. We need it.

Tara 16:18
Yes. Thank you. They want to know, “Do we have any recs for funny books?” So Kris, do you have any?

Kris 16:25
Yes, I do. Like my gal pal KB Draper is absolutely super funny. And she has written several books. She’s done some series. And she also wrote the U-Haul Diaries which came out I don’t know five, six years ago and that was kind of- that’s pretty hilarious. But if you’re not into reading about other people’s hookups, then I would recommend a book called Spirits Smirits, Spirits Smearits? smear-

Tara 16:57
Are you sure that’s the one you want to recommend? KB, why is your title unpronounceable?

Kris 17:03
Spirits Smirits. There we go. So it’s the start of a trilogy and it’s actually hilarious. And it’s about an ex-cop. Her name is AJ she turns into a super spirit infused demon hunter strictly by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. And so it’s hilarious. So it’s a very- it’s a supernatural but it’s hilarious. And KB is actually writing her first romance that has high comedy content right now. And so when that comes out I’m sure that will be a recommendation too because she is absolutely hilarious if you like Ann McMahon and that kind of humor you know KB Draper brings it, brings that kind of humor as well.

Tara 17:47

Kris 17:48
That’s what I recommend. What about you?

Well first I have a question. Is Sprits Smir- is this book that you said. Is it the first in the series or is Demon Shemons is the first?

Um, you know, I think you’re right. I think you’re right, it’s demons. Demon Shemons. That’s probably why I’m messing it up, Demon Shemons, Spritis Smirits, and then Hells Bells. I can pronounce Hells Bells. That’s easy. But I think you’re right Demon Shemons is the first, so let’s correct that and go to read that first book instead. They’re all hilarious for sure. But yeah, you need to start it- thank you good catch.

Tara 18:27
Thank you. Yeah,and the only reason I know that I haven’t read them yet – I’m so sorry, KB Draper – is because I remember I think it was -I think it was Brooklyn who reviewed them at The Lesbian Review and loved them so much. So my recommendation- so the first thing I would say is if you haven’t read Robin Alexander, oh my god, her books. Most of her books are so funny and so it’s kind of hard to narrow it down because I love a bunch of them. I love Always Alex, I love The Fall. But the one that I’m going to go with is just Just Jorie. And I think Just Jorie is probably the funniest. Always Alex might be as well. The one thing I’ll say is do not read those two books back to back. They’re both hilarious and excellent. But they have such similar elements that if you read them that close together, it can feel a bit repetitive.

Whereas if you read them with like read one read a bunch of other books read the other one, you’ll have a good time, but with Just Jorie. It’s a road trip romance. It’s these two women that meet at an airport, and their flight gets canceled because of snow. And so they rent a car and the hijinks and love kind of ensue along the way and there’s like a super sassy grandma and it’s just it’s so funny. And it’s so lovely. I just really really enjoyed that one. And the other one is a book that I laughed so hard I was crying and had to put my Kindle down more than once. And it’s called Mrs. Martin’s Incomparable Adventure by Courtney Milan.

And Courtney Milan is probably – not even probably – is most famous because she writes a lot of male-female romances. That’s how I first, like back before I even knew what lesfic was, I was reading her romances, but she released this one a couple years ago. And it is an FF romance. And it’s two women that one of them is 69 and the other one is 72, which I kind of loved. It’s a historical romance and the premise is: there’s this woman, so it’s the the one who’s younger, and she worked- She’s like a lower class woman. I’m trying to think if this is all taking place in London or not, it’s been a while since I’ve read it. But anyway, it takes place in England. And she’s been working at this boarding house forever. And her boss told her like, “Just work up until this point, and you will get a pension”. And he fired her shortly before that, and she’s like, “Well, fuck, what am I going to do? How am I going to take care of myself?” And so she knew that there was a guy staying at the boarding house that wasn’t paying up. So she decided to go visit his aunt and say, “Your nephew’s a jackass, he said he would pay me. I own this boarding house,” Even though she doesn’t. “Can you pay me what he owes?”

And so there’s other woman she’s she’s, I believe she’s widowed. But anyway, her doctor has said like, “You’re depressed, you need an adventure”. And she says, “Aha, listen, lady, my nephew might be an asshole. But here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna ruin him. And when we do, I’m gonna pay you, I am not paying back what he owes. I am just paying you for this adventure”. And so they go, and they just torture this guy who is like, he is a bad man. So seeing all that and some of the stuff they come up with is so bonkers. It is hilarious. But there’s this like, really lovely romance that happens along the way too, and these like really wistful passages that just really contemplate, like, who is allowed to age and who is not allowed to age and like, what does that mean in terms of like visibility in society, and whatever. And it just makes this like perfect, little novella, that I actually highly, highly recommend. So definitely check that one out, if you want to laugh.

If that’s not enough books for you. The Lesbian Review, which is one of the sites that I’m a regular contributor at, we have a list of 31 books, it’s a list it’s actually called 31 Books That Made us LOL. I’m gonna put the link in the show notes. And if you want books that I mean, first of all, check out all the books if you like, but if you want books that only I like, search for my name because it says which reviewers recommend which books. So definitely, please go check that out.

Kris 22:56
I’m gonna go check that out because I think that’s great. I love that The Lesbian Review makes these lists for people and when you post it, everybody always says, “Oh, thank you so much for posting this book on age gap romances, or, you know, teacher-student romances” or you know, whatever trope you like. I think that’s great.

Tara 23:17
Yeah. So and we’ll also, we’re gonna put that link in the show notes for you. So you don’t have to, you don’t have to dig for it. Something else we want to tell you about. There is a crowdfunding campaign happening right now, right now, not only right now when we’re recording, but right now when you’re listening, and it is for a feature length animated film. They’re expecting to release it in spring of 2024. And it is called Maxxie LaWow: Drag Super-shero and it’s going to introduce us all to our first drag heroine, which I think is pretty exciting.

Kris 23:59

Tara 23:59
And it’s up on Indiegogo, that’s where they’re doing the crowdfunding for it. As of right now when we’re recording it looks like they’re about a third of the way there but I’m really hoping that everybody is willing to kick in a little bit because I would love to see this brought to life so that we can like give us our openly incredibly queer superhero. Please and thank you and let her be a drag queen.

Kris 24:25
There’s like a little trailer to- that I love it. I love the trailer. And when Tara sent me the information I’m like “Hey, did you check out the trailer?” and she was like “No, I could go check it out”. Yeah, because it was totally up your alley. Way up your alley.

Tara 24:41
Well and I love that so not only is Maxxie LaWow, our drag super-shero going to be a drag queen but so is her arch nemesis Dana Bolical which I think is cute.

Kris 24:53
I know. I love drag names. I really do.

Tara 24:57
I know. I also love that in the promo materials where they were talking about or they said “with a nefarious scheme tucked up and ready for every situation” it’s like I love to say added to tucking joke in there. jokin. So yeah, if you’re so inclined if you are a fan of drag if you want to see more queer films, especially like fun, queer animated films, just check out that Indiegogo link which also we’re going to put the campaign link in our show notes and consider kicking a little bit of money their way so that we can get more awesome queer drag content. So Kris, what have you been watching or reading?

Kris 25:35
So I am still watching The Walking Dead the final season, I’m going to be a hot mess when the show ends.

Tara 25:41
How’s it going? How’s the season going so far?

Kris 25:43
You know, it’s interesting, I think the Walking Dead is kind of like Game of Thrones, I will only ever watch it once. Because so much happens. And it’s not something you can go back and rewatch, because it’s just so stressful. And you’re like, “Who’s gonna die this episode, and who’s gonna live?”. And it’s and that’s how it was with Game of Thrones with me, like, I can only ever watch one episode from Game of Thrones over and over again. And that’s the battle scene. And so far, I have yet to find an episode of The Walking Dead that I want to watch over and over again, because this is so sad. And so- but I’m invested, you know, I know these people. I’ve been with these people for 10 years. And so I’m a little sad, but this season, you know, just when you get rid of like a bunch of bad people from last season, a brand new group of bad people show up, quote, unquote, bad people. So I’m like, “Okay, I’m kind of tired about that. But I mean, I get it because in an apocalypse, you’re getting not you’re going to the people who are alive or probably shady fucks. And you’re not gonna find grandma still alive. You know, baking cookies, come on in, you know, that’s not going to happen, you know, it’s going to be like the the survival of the fittest, and these people are going to kill people.

So we’re getting ready to end that. And I’m just like, you know, I never- I didn’t watch or I didn’t read the comic books. And I know, it totally goes off of- it doesn’t really follow the script. So I really don’t know what’s gonna happen. So anyway, that’s kind of sad. I’m still watching The L Word: Generation Q and I created this huge, like, blow up on Twitter earlier about Gigi, because I said unpopular opinion. I’m not a Gigi fan. So like, everybody out of like, came at me and I’m just like, back off, you know, but I did have some support. Because anyway, because I really likes Gigi,

Tara 27:35
Is she the one that you said you would kill?

Kris 27:38
Probab- what did I- No. I didn’t I didn’t bring up Gigi at all. I said, Alice, I just I’ve just done with Alice.

Tara 27:44
Okay. Yeah, I didn’t I couldn’t remember mostly because I’ve never watched Generation Q. So I don’t know who anybody right who’s on it.

Kris 27:50
So Gigi is everybody’s like, “Oh, she’s so hot. She’s so hot”. She’s fucking crazy. Like she is somebody. Yeah, I can admire from afar, like you’re very beautiful. But you’re also kind of like messed up and you have a lot of issues. And I can’t be a part of that. I need peace in my life. You know, even if it’s a fantasy, like it’s still like, people who are unstable or unhinged, are automatically ugly to me, whether physically they’re pretty to me, I only see ugly. It’s the weirdest thing. It’s like, I just can’t like certain people or find them attractive because they’re so crazy.

Tara 28:24
Well, yeah. And I mean, I feel like there’s a- there’s also a very, very big difference between like, “Oh, hey, this is a person who is living with mental illness, which is like, fair enough that’s literally like- it’s a mental medical condition versus somebody who just like, has-

Kris 28:41
She’s manipulative. Yeah, just like, yeah, it makes- Yeah, I don’t like her. I’m sorry. I just don’t like her.

Tara 28:48

Kris 28:48
(with terrible British accent) And then I’m also watching the Great British Bake Off. I know how to make everything.

Tara 28:56
Is someone from England here now?

Kris 28:59
Hello. You know, it’s funny because every time I watch it then I like start- I repeat their words. There’s so much about baking I don’t know.

Tara 29:08

Kris 29:08
And at the same time, I’m like, “What the fuck are they eating?” Like what what are they eating? I don’t know what this is.

Tara 29:14
Yeah, yeah, not-, I like this show too. And so we’ve talked about it we’re watching the show in opposite order. You’re going from most recent to least recent I’m starting from the beginning and going forward. And there are some episodes where I’m like, “I know this is a dessert but that looks really unpleasant to eat. Like why is it so hot? Why is it so crispy?” I just- but some of it also looks amazing.

Kris 29:45
Right. And I have- So the good news is by going backwards, by starting a season backwards where there’s no giveaways. You get to see the top 10- you know they have more money at the most recent seasons. They have more money for things. And it’s just better filming, you know, just kind of better rapport. And so I like doing that, like I’ve done that with all the shows that are like that, you know, that are just like one and done seasons, there’s no special carry on to next one. So I liked doing it this way. So now I’m down to like a real basic, you know, filming and stuff. It doesn’t bother me as much because I know that it improves and, and I can kind of relax with it. Because that stresses me out too.

Tara 30:28
Hmm. That’s kind of cool. Yeah, the thing that I find is that I, and I’m kind of hoping these go away in future seasons, but like, I’m enjoying all the baking stuff. I do not care about any of the “And here’s the historical background to this particular thing that they’re baking.” I always just like, let me just zip it forward and skip all of that. I don’t want to know anything.

Kris 30:54
I think I kind of because I write when I have it on. I think I tuned that part out. I like want to see what they’re making, how they screw it up. You know why they can’t make a frickin loaf of bread in 10 hours? How is everybody rushing at the very end?

Tara 31:09
I do not know.

Kris 31:10
Like literally, how is that? And I’m sure they do it for like just entertainment value because how exciting is it to watch, you know, bread bake? I mean, I g otta do they got to do something they have to like make it exciting. Yeah, but I am- I’m almost done with it. I’m gonna- I’m a half. Well I have like two and a half seasons left of that. So that’- that’ll get me through this book I’m writing and yeah, so that’s what I’m doing. That’s what I’m watching. What about you? What have you been reading and or watching?

Tara 31:36
So I’ve been doing both. I finally, finally finished Schitt’s Creek. And I think I’ve been dragging my heels on the last season, just because I know there’s no more of it. And so as long as I didn’t watch it, it wasn’t truly over. But again, with not being able to leave the house, I was like, “Well, if not now then when?”

Kris 32:02

Tara 32:03
This is the time, and it was really lovely. Like it was really, really lovely. I think they did a really fantastic job with how they closed off that series. It’s just such a special series. And I know a lot of people, I’ve talked to a lot of friends who said, “Oh, I just can’t get past how awful they are.”

Kris 32:27
Yeah that’s me.

Tara 32:28
Honestly, the thing I would say is that, like you just have to kind of be able to press on because you almost- they have to be so awful at the beginning. Because as you go through the six seasons, it’s basically this family of narcissists, learning how to be humans. And what that means for each of them is a little bit different. And so, you know, Alexis, the daughter, she kind of like, went on her whole life before and some of her stories are insane. Like when she, when she’s like, “Oh, yeah. And I woke up in this prison in Hong Kong” or something like that, right? We’re like, what, and she was 12 at the time, and you’re like, “What happened to her?” But for her, it’s like learning how to have value that comes from within, and not needing to be validated by, you know, friends, or even people who claim to be friends but they’re clearly not, and it’s just this really beautiful- you know, she builds a career and learns how to stand on her own two feet.

And then David, how he’s, again, it’s like incredibly shallow, but builds this business and this beautiful relationship with Patrick, who he goes on to marry in the season finale, and that they do it all in this town where homophobia just doesn’t exist, is also so beautiful. And it’s so nice to see. Like, I just love that they made that creative decision because so many shows, it’s almost like they feel like they can’t have queer inclusion without also including queer pain. And this is a show that was like, fuck that we’re gonna make you cry. But it’s because you’re feeling all the feelings.

Like there is a scene. I can’t remember what season it is. But David and Patrick are together at that point. And I think there’s some sort of, I forget what the event is. But basically in their store. There’s a whole bunch of people from town there for the event. And Patrick gets- like has his guitar and he sings the song Simply the Best to David. And like, I just dare anyone to watch the show up to that point and watch that scene and not cry. It’s not possible. Unless I don’t know you’re like super immune to feelings. But even then I would say just watch the scene again and maybe you’ll cry the second time. It’s so good. So I mean, I would say for anybody who hasn’t watched it, yet, truly if you can just like power through that first season where they’re just kind of getting settled in the town or whatever, just power through that, and then it gets so much better. That’s what- because I had the exact same thing and then one of my best friends Amanda, I’ve talked about her before on the show, but I was visiting her in Toronto and she was like, “What the fuck do you mean you haven’t watched Schitt’s Creek?” And I was in town for 10 days and we watched- Oh, I think we watched into the third season. And she was so right. That’s the way to do it, just like he was early ones until you can get into it. The other show I started watching and I hesitate to mention this.

Kris 35:13
We’re gonna go around.

Tara 35:43
I still want to be friends after this. So I so I was texting Kris last night because I’ve started watching Dickinson I’ve seen two episodes, and I don’t know if I like it yet. The first episode- so the first episode I was like, baffled by “Why would they set it in the past and have all the dialogue sound like it’s from right now?” Like they all sound like they’re on The Bold Type or something.

Well, I think they all sound like they’re in the bold type. And I kind of like the- like there’s some there is some of the quirky stuff that I really liked. Like I liked how Death got included, and like the carriage how that kept showing up. Some of the visuals are really good, but like Jean Krakowskie is the mother I find kind of a baffling choice at this point. And I don’t know if that will get better as it goes on. And you get to see more of her. The some of the, the family dynamics around her. Emily, I just find I don’t know there’s a lot that feels really awkward and almost painful to watch. Because clearly she’s not in the right place, except where else can be, that’s her family.

Kris 36:54
Yes, exactly. She’s stuck there. Welcome to the 1800s. I think- I think you first of all, it’s not an option you have to finish it. You just have to, it’s just you have to just because, you know I think watching that other Dickinson movie just ruined it for you. Because Emily was older, you know superstar, Molly Shannon. You know, I mean, you got to you were introduced to Dickinson by a later person and you said or an older person and you said it, there was a little bit of quirkiness, but it was kind of slow, whereas Dickinson is not. It’s not really slow. It brings a lot of elements of today to that time period, I’m sure to make it different and make it exciting and fun.

And you know what, Emily Dickinson was probably fun. And we’ve been taught our whole life that she was a spinster. And she didn’t have any friends and she was in love with her, you know, her sister in law. And you know, we’ve all seen the picture of Emily with her part down the middle, and then her hair pulled back in a bun and just, just not, I mean, ever think about it. Would I be like that in the 1800s? Wouldn’t I be like. I would be like a little troublemaker, for sure. I would be and there had to have been troublemakers, especially girls. And I just feel like, really that’s how it was and nobody’s done it before. Until now with Dickinson. Like kind of portrayed young adults like they probably were and how they are today.

Tara 38:24
Yeah, no, I-

Kris 38:26
So I’m gonna fight you on this. And you’re gonna love it. And you’re gonna watch it.

Tara 38:30
Listen I started watching it, which I think is the first step. I’m not I’m not, I’m not giving up on it yet.

Kris 38:36

Tara 38:36
You might be right that the other movie ruined it for me, I think mostly because the thing that I found so compelling about that film, and then reading, you know, interviews with the director, and that kind of thing is really hearing about and seeing how Sue has been written out- how Sue was deliberately written out of the story by the mistress of Sue’s husband, which is Emily Dickinson’s brother. And to find out that, like somebody so important, was like, literally erased from this history because her name was erased off of so many of the poems all out of spite. Because like, you’re the wife and fuck you and I have control. I have all these poems and so I can do that. So interesting.

Kris 39:29
Yes. Yeah, I think I think -Yeah, cuz when we talked, I think I started it because when I went to go watch it, it said I had already seen the first two episodes, and I knew it was me because there’s nobody else that controls it. So I was like, “Okay, the first two were not memorable, because I didn’t stick with it”. So it had to hit me at the right time to watch it and then I couldn’t stop watching it.

Tara 39:50
Well, and that’s why we were talking about it last night. We were like, why do we do and I said, Well, I remember the first two episodes, but she started watching from the third so I feel like we need to watch at least a couple more.

Kris 40:00
Yes, give it a couple more, and then push it. Also there. She’s like, How old is she? When this starts like 20, maybe 20. Somewhere around there? Do you remember yourself at 21 I remember myself, I was an asshole at 21. Like, I thought I knew everything. I wanted everything. I was just not. I didn’t know things, I didn’t know things about myself, I was still learning. And so I feel like you’re kind of going on this journey with her, you know, because she’s so far advanced of all of her friends. So, you know, or just even her peers, people who are her age, and her brother’s very social. So there’s a lot of parties that her brother throws. And, you know, she kind of gets involved just because her brother’s friends are all there and it’s her house. You know, like, when the parents go out of town, they throw a ha-, they throw a party, because I mean, that’s what happens here.

Tara 40:55
And I’m sure you know, back then, something had to have happened like that. It’s not like our generation decided to have parties all of a sudden when our parents left, you know, so, so I feel like- I just I like how they made Dickinson relatable to us. Because the Dickinson we learned about was not somebody I was even remotely interested in, except for her poetry. But Dickinson as a person in the series, Dickinson is somebody I would want to be friends with.

Does George who for everybody else is a side character. Does he show up quite a bit more because it actually turns out at this point, I think he might be my favorite character.

Kris 41:32
Yes, he does show up more.

Tara 41:33
I love him.

Kris 41:34
George is great.

Tara 41:36
Yeah, I think he’s my favorite of everybody. And I have a lot of sympathy for Sue, as well.

Kris 41:44
Oh. Oh.

Tara 41:46
Does that change?

Kris 41:47
Oh you just wait? Oh, yeah, yes.

Tara 41:50
That doesn’t surprise me. But I felt like she made a really good point. And I don’t feel like it’s that big of a spoiler because like literally first episode of a whole series. But so in the first episode, it’s revealed that she’s going to be marrying the brother Austin. And Emily’s like, “How can you do this? We were supposed to go and I don’t know, whatever our youthful plans were”. And she just says like, “My whole family is dead. I need to eat. Like, what do you want me to do?” And I was like, “Yeah, girl. That’s what you do. You got to survive”. Like I really I respected that.

Kris 42:25
Yeah, you respect here now. But wait till the end. I- we’re see.

Tara 42:30

Kris 42:30
Stay with it. Stay with it.

Tara 42:31
All right. All right.

Kris 42:32
We’ll check back next next episode. Hopefully, you’ll have at least, you know, five more episodes under your belt next time we talk.

Tara 42:39
All right, we’ll see how that goes. And then last thing, so I am reading a book. I don’t know about anybody else with this. Like I have kind of hit a wall with the fourth wave of the pandemic where it’s hard for me to get into books, but this is a book that like sucked me right in. And I’m not done yet. But I’m really enjoying it and it’s called Match to Love by first of all, I’m going to apologize if I mispronounce your first name, but I believe it’s Johana Gavez. And this has, it’s a law student with a professional like top tier tennis player. And the thing that I love about it is that they meet through fanfic on Tumblr.

So one of them writes fanfic, I don’t even know what the fandom is. I’m not sure that matters. But one of them is writing fanfic. The other one is- I believe it’s the law student who’s writing the fanfic.

Kris 43:31
How does a law student have time to write fanfic?

Tara 43:34
How does a professional tennis player have time to read fanfic?

Kris 43:38
Well on the plane ride over to Wimbledon or something.

Tara 43:41
Well, I suppose that’s possible. So like the tennis player kind of sends her a message through Tumblr DMs and is like “Hey, I really like-” and so they start like just talking back and forth to each other for months. And the law student doesn’t know that she’s talking to somebody very famous. She has no idea and so the point that I’m at now is that that’s kind of just been revealed. But it’s so cute. Their interactions are adorable and I kind of- I love, I love the meeting through fanfic premise. I actually know people who have done that, who have married their their partners because- yeah, like one of them was a fanfic author and the other one was a fan. And that is how they got together. And I just think it’s super cute. And I so hope that this book sticks the landing. Like I want the whole thing to be just as great as it’s been so far, because I’ve just enjoyed it so much.

Okay, the law student dies. How dare you. Don’t manifest that onto my Kindle. That’s right. You have those powers. All right. Kris, is that time?

Kris 44:55

Tara 44:55
What is your official recommendation this week?

Kris 44:59
All right. So After last episode’s sad yet very important recommendation I needed queer fluff.

Tara 45:07
Hell yes.

Kris 45:08
And I thought it was going to be fluff because, hello, the title is Abbie and Ellie and Ellie’s Dead Aunt. It’s a movie. So they say don’t touch a book by its cover but we all do and you and I have said a lot about covers and so I picked this movie because the name of it just made me laugh. It just made me laugh and I needed it and it’s a- it’s an Australian coming of age story directed by Monica Zanetti and I’ll read you the movie synopsis slash blurb.

It says 17 year old Ellie is struggling to find the courage to ask her classmate Abbie to the formal. Luckily her aunt Tara, not to be confused with Tara even though it’s spelled the same.

Tara 45:54

Kris 45:55
Messes me up. I know. A lesbian who died in the 80s has shown up as a fairy godmother to dish out advice whether Ellie wants it or not. So I’m like, “Okay.” Right? Maybe I’m in the mood since I saw Cinderella.

Tara 46:09
Sounds adorable.

Kris 46:10
We’ll start off by talking about Ellie. So Ellie is top of her class. She’s kind of a nerdy sporty girl. And she likes Abbie but she isn’t sure if Abbie’s gay. So when Ellie finally tells her mother that she’s gay, something magical happens. We’ll start off by saying that Ellie and her mom don’t have a great relationship. They just, you know her mom’s kind of standoffish, doesn’t really- not serious about life, she’s very serious. She just isn’t serious about her daughter type thing. So their relationship isn’t the best. She blurts out that her mother is a bigot after she says “I’m gay” and her mom just is frozen, just smiling at her doesn’t know how to process this doesn’t know what to say. And so Ellie’s like your biggest and she runs off and storms- you know, she slams the door to the bathroom and she’s like, trying to process all of this. And right then she’s visited by her Fairy Godmother, which is her dead aunt. So she’s freaked out- she’s freaked out because like, what the hell? She has never met her art because her aunt died before she was even born. So she’s like, “No, really. I’m your aunt, and I’m going to show you how to get the girl”. So Ellie’s like you know what? This isn’t like, everybody’s out. It’s okay to be gay. It’s no big deal. This isn’t a big deal. I can do this. There are gay people everywhere. There’s no problems. It’s okay to be gay. And the aunt Tara- God it’s so hard. Tara Tara.

So aunt Tara. She tries to help in this whole process. She’s trying to help and she just- everything snowballs out of control. She’s like, you know, “Do you even know that Abbie’s into women?” And so it’s cute, because she’s like, “Here’s one question you can find out if anybody is ever gay. Ask her who her favorite player is on the AFL team?” Like, who is her favorite football player. And she’s like, “I’m not gonna do that. I’m not going to say that”. So that she’s thinking she’s in she sneaks into detention so she can ask her, you know, there’s like four people in the class. And the teacher is like, “What are you doing here?” “Ah, I got in trouble for littering”. And so then Abby’s like, “I don’t like people who litter you did this whole social thing on littering. So why would you litter?” And so like, every single time she tries to get close, and ask her, it always ends up like snowballing into something horrible.

And so, you know, at the end, you know, the formals getting closer, and she still hasn’t asked her, and you know, the aunt tries to help and it’s just, it’s just awful. So finally, she tells her ad, “I don’t want your help anymore. Go away”. So her aunt disappears. So then she’s in class, and something happens and she races home. And she asks her mom, “What happened to my aunt? What happened to her?” And this whole time her, her mom has always just said that her aunt died in a car crash. So but you don’t know that there is history about this car crash and why it was so important. So so that the mother never really talked about her sister because it was so painful. And she finally breaks down. She’s like, “Look, this was too painful to talk about. I lost my parents and my sister because of this, because my parents were so like, fierce about finding this car crash- this person who created this car crash and they never found them”. And so the her parents basically died of broken hearts because they couldn’t. So just like, she doesn’t want to talk about it. She misses her sister doesn’t want to talk about it. So so it starts off really cute and fluffy and you’re like you’re rooting and also to get serious.

Tara 49:59
Mm hmm.

Kris 49:59
Then it comes around again. And you find out like Ellie’s aunt was really into LGBT rights in the late 80s. Like in 89. She like- she does all these rallies and protests and just like, we need rights, we deserve rights, and you don’t realize that she’s this huge person in this community. And because of her aunt, everything is accepted in this community now. And she was never told this. So she begs to talk to her and she’s like, “Please, if you’re around, if you’re listening, please, I need to talk to you”. And so it’s just really sweet. And it ends up very well. You know, it leaves you with a smile. And so I recommend that because it does talk about important issues, but it doesn’t in a way that like it- you feel it, but then you’re like, “Okay, good”. You know, we’ve resolved it. So it’s just it’s a good movie. It’s really cute. I recommend it .

Tara 50:55
It sounds really sweet.

Kris 50:55
Yeah, so there it is. And plus the name again. Abbie and Ellie and Ellie’s Dead Aunt.

Tara 51:01
I’m gonna see if I can find that one here in Canada.

Kris 51:04
Yeah, you should- How did I find it? Cuz like, my magical remote is dead?

Tara 51:10
That’s like your magical. That’s- Oh no.

Kris 51:13
I know. So I don’t know what to do. So I guess I had to trade it in or something, have to take it into the company, the cable company and tell them to give me a new one. Because that’s what I do. LGBTQ movies, and it gives me an option. So I had to actually go do research and try to find something and watch trailers. It took a long time.

Tara 51:33
Well, it sounds like it paid off this time.

Kris 51:35
Yeah it did. It’s really cute. I do recommend it, especially after, like the seriousness of the last one. And this one, even though it does have some serious issues. It’s really cute. I liked it.

Tara 51:44

Kris 51:45
Okay, what about you, Tara, what is your big recommendation for this week?

Tara 51:49
Alright, so my big recommendation is an HBO series called We’re Here. And this is a- I don’t know what you call it. It’s not a documentary. It’s not- maybe it is a nonfiction. I don’t know. Anyway, it has three of the most famous drag queens from RuPaul Drag Race. It has Shangela, who is famous for being in seasons two, three and then I forget which season of All Stars she was in. Eureka O’Hara, who was the top, she was in the top four of the most recent All Star season that we were just talking about. She got very close to winning, and Bob the Drag Queen, who won, I believe season eight of the main series.

And so what they do is in each episode, they go to a small town at well, mostly, they’re all small towns, except for Branson, Missouri, I guess, because that doesn’t look that small. Man. All I gotta say after watching that is like fuck, Branson.

Kris 52:47
Fuck Branson.

Tara 52:48
If you are a listener who lives there, I’m so sorry.

Kris 52:52
Yes, move up to Kansas City. It’s not much better, but it sure beats Branson.

Tara 52:55
Holy shit. And so they go to all these small towns plus Branson. They put on a drag show. And each of them adopts between one and three locals as their drag daughters or drag sons and gets them in drag and puts them in the show as well with them. And the whole point of it is to try to change hearts and minds, at least even a little bit in each town. And as they’re doing it, they recognize they’re like, “Look, we’re not going to change everything” even- So I finished it up last night, and even in episode five. I’m trying to remember if it was, I think it was Shangela, who was telling her drag daughter, she’s like, “Look, you’re not going to change everything in your life with this one performance. But hopefully it’s going to change something and that that can be the start of lasting change with it.” Which I think is incredible. And the people that they make up and drag, some of them are queer. Like last night I watched one there was a lesbian drag king and she had lost an arm and a leg in a motorcycle accident. It was her first time dancing since then. So that was kind of a pretty big deal for her and but I also loved: side note, I loved hearing her story so that- she actually met her wife because of this accident. She woke up in the hospital and saw this woman who was kind of from afar and there’s this like light around her. And she ended up marrying her and they’re so fucking cute.

Kris 54:26
Sounds like a lesfic movie.

Tara 54:28
It does, doesn’t it?

Kris 54:29
A book. Yeah. Or both.

Tara 54:31
Yeah, it totally sounds like one and they actually just realize they’re probably not all small towns. Here’s the thing. I’m Canadian. I don’t know this town. But I just realized that Gettysburg is probably not that small and the first episode takes place in Gettysburg.

Kris 54:49
Gettysburg is very- that is not a place I would want to be gay I guess is what I want to say.

Tara 54:55
No. So they have like I said, there’s Gettysburg. There’s Branson. There’s a place In New Mexico, which shares land with indigenous people, and you know, in some cases there’s there are queer people who- they’re trying to build better relationships with their family that are being made up and drag. There was one story I found especially sad. It was in the Branson episode. And it was a young man who was gay, he had gone off to live in the big city, whatever that is.

Well, I don’t think he knew- I don’t think he named which said he was talking about. Kris was like, I could see you’re kind of laughing at me saying whatever that is, I don’t know which big city he went to. But he wasn’t happy about how he got into drugs and alcohol. And so he decided that, you know, Christ was the way for him. And he tried to renounce his queerness basically say that he wasn’t gay anymore. And the thing that I thought was incredible was watching as his mother was basically saying, “I just want you to be happy. And I just want you to have love.” Like, this wasn’t a case of religious parents driving him to adopt this behavior. It was internalized homophobia, and the church community doing this for him. And so getting to see him go through this performance, and actually it was his mom performed with him, they actually go on stage together. And, you know, getting to see in the follow up, they occasionally if there’s a big life change that comes out of this, they put a little text with follow up and see what his follow up was, was very, very heartening.

But then there’s also you know, there was in the first episode in Gettysburg, there’s a mom, who she’s doing it because she wants to make amends with her daughter, her daughter came out to her as bisexual. And let me just say, this mother had the wrong response as a religious parent. And since then, she’s realized, “Oh, my God, I’ve seriously fucked up”. And she’s become a part of PFLAG and she’s, you know, she goes out to Pride, and she’s given out free mom hugs now, but she still hasn’t rebuilt that relationship with her daughter. So it’s kind of one of those, can she by doing this very public fucking drag show in drag- can this be enough to kind of rebuild a relationship? I gotta be honest, I cried for most of the episodes.

Kris 57:19
I bet.

Tara 57:20
Cuz there’s like really big stuff happening. It’s very emotional. And it’s funny because in in RuPaul’s Drag Race. RuPaul often says, “RuPaul’s Drag Race: bringing families together”. And I thought, Well, I mean, yes, that’s true. It definitely does that. But you know, what We’re Here does that as well, for sure. Like such incredible things. And so the thing that I love is that it showcases, first of all, there are queer people everywhere. It doesn’t matter how small your town is, it doesn’t matter how religious your town is, there are absolutely queer people there, whether you’ve connected with them or not. And the other thing was just that support means everything when you’re queer, and especially in towns like that. Whether it’s from friends and family, because like I said, there were you know, there were queer people who did not have good support from friends and family who maybe they were there to try to make amends. But there were queer people who had very supportive family members. And in some cases, their family were actually more supportive than they even really knew they just hadn’t had the right conversation yet.

And then there were other people who were put in drag for these shows that are straight, but they are prominent members of their community. And they wanted to make a statement to the community to say “You belong, and there are people who care. And we want this to be safe for everyone”. And I love that the show showcases how crucial straight allies are, and not just people who claim “Hey, I’m an ally.” Because it’s very easy to say, “Well, I’m an ally to whatever”, you know, whatever community you want, you can just say it. But like, I would say, these people go even past allyship. Last year, I wrote a book called Hood Feminism by Mickey Kendall, which is fucking phenomenal, and basically talks about how white feminism has let down the black community in many ways, which is absolutely true. But at the end of the book, she talks about the need to go beyond ally ship to become an accomplice. Because like I said, you can just declare our ally ship, but that doesn’t actually make it so. But an accomplice is somebody who gets in there and they do the work. And they’re often doing like they’re doing the work they’re told to do. It’s not from like, “Hey, this is what you need. I’ll tell you what you need” kind of place. And these men and women who got in drag got up on stage and said, “This is what you know, this is what’s right, everyone’s welcome here”. They’re the accomplices. And I love that they’ve modeled that. Not everybody has to get in drag, but you can still do something. There’s still something that you can always do to find a way to show up for the community that you care about that you’re not a part of.

So in terms of content warnings definitely homophobia, externally or internally, like I said there’s definitely massive internalized homophobia from that one guy and even like in the Branson episode the police are called on them several times to get them to leave businesses. It’s really gross and it’s kind of hard sometimes like there were I thought I could just watch the whole series in a day it’s only six episodes. I could not cuz it really like sometimes can hurt your heart There’s also discussion of suicide so in the fourth episode, there is a mom and daughter who are doing it as a tribute to the other daughter who was a lesbian who killed herself and so that’s a very very prominent- it’s not just like a little mention, it’s a very prominent narrative throughout the whole episode.

It’s beautiful but that’s probably the one that I cried the most for. And then in the last episode- actually it’s interesting the last episode they were all set to do the drag performance somewhere and then COVID happens so they had to sort of readjust and so we see them kind of meeting who all their drag daughters are going to be and instead it turns into Shangela, Eureka O’Hara and Bob the Drag Queen sharing their own journeys with drag. How did they discover drag? How did they really get into it further? What did it mean for their careers? How did they end up on drag race? What’s it been like since then? And Eureka O’Hara, this is more of a mention than an indepth thing but Eurekla O’Hara talks about how they attempted suicide at one point so again, if that’s uh, yeah, it really really sad and oh my god I’m so I’m so glad they didn’t succeed. When you see like, what their legacy has been since then. So those your content warnings, but honestly, it’s so- it’s so good. I really, really loved it. It’s probably the best thing I’ve seen in a while. And like I said, it’s only six episodes, and season two starts on October 11. So you actually have time to catch up and then hop in in season two, when it gets started in a few weeks.

Kris 1:02:12
Nice. I might have to do that. It sounds really good. And I will say I checked while you were talking. I checked on the population of like Gettysburg and population of Branson and oh my gosh, both of them are under 15,000 people.

Tara 1:02:25
Oh seriously?

Kris 1:02:26
Yeah. I was like what? So- but Branson is like, Branson is like- it has like a bunch of theme parks. And it seems bigger than it is because there’s so much to do down there. So there’s a tourism 100% tourism, like they have like a ton of stuff. It’s almost like, like Dollywood, but not as cool.

Tara 1:02:49
As I was gonna say and even from like what they were showing around the town with the concert stages and stuff to me. It looked like it was like Bible Nashville.

Kris 1:02:58
Oh, for sure. Yeah. 100% like I yeah, I can’t go down there. I can’t go to Branson.

Tara 1:03:03
No, that’s, I was, I would say. Don’t go to Branson. You will have the police called on you if you are visibly gay and walk into a business. And it wasn’t even when they were- Yes, they have the police called on them when they were in drag. But they also had the police called on them when they were out of drag. So it was truly just because they’re queer.

Kris 1:03:26
Hate. Fucking hate. So much hate in this in my- it’s unfortunate. There’s so much hate in my state. You know, and it just gets worse the further south you go.

Tara 1:03:37
Yeah. But I think the thing that I appreciate about this show is that it does show that while hate is absolutely still a reality there are so many people out there that are choosing love.

Kris 1:03:48
Yeah, that’s great. That’s great.

Tara 1:03:52
So that is all for this episode. Thank you so much for joining us. If you enjoyed this show, please hit your subscribe button. Wherever you listen to podcasts, you can get notified whenever we release an episode. If you have a friend that you think would like the show, please tell them about it. If you feel inclined, if you feel like rating, and reviewing, we would also love you forever.

Kris 1:04:13
Right and of course, always reach out to us on your favorite social media network, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, we got a bunch and plus you can also reach out to us individually. I just noticed that in our bio on Twitter, it has our individual handles. Who knew that? Or you just email us at So that’s exciting.

Tara 1:04:38
Bye everyone.

Kris 1:04:39
I want to hear from you.

Tara 1:04:39
Oh, sorry.

Kris 1:04:41
For sure. No, go ahead. Let’s do it. 1….2…3. Bye everyone.

Tara 1:04:46
Bye everyone!

Kris 1:05:23
I’m such a dork.

Tara 1:05:24
Nah, you’re great.


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